Wellington Short Course Championships 2022

Wellington Short Course Championships 2022


We had 29 swimmers represent Ice Breaker Aquatics over Matariki weekend at the Wellington Short Course Champs. What an amazing group of swimmers who rose to the challenge and achieved a huge amount of PBs, ribbons and medals.

The competition was fierce with clubs competing from all over New Zealand. Our IBA swimmers ranged in age from 8 years to 16 years old. It was exciting to see so many of our younger swimmers take part in what was for many their first regional event.

It was an impressive achievement to come out THIRD overall in team points - Ice Breaker Aquatics once again proving that we are an awesome club with fantastic swimmers and coaches!


IBA Girls 2022 Wellington Short Course Report - Stacy Carter




1st 100IM, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 200IM, 50 Free, 200 Back, 100 Free

2nd 50 Fly

3rd 400IM

1 PB




1st 200IM, 100 Free

2nd 50 Free

3rd 100IM, 200 Free

5 PBs



1st 200 Free

2nd 100 Free

3rd 200 Breast

6 PBs



1st 200 Fly, 50 Breast

2nd 100 Breast

3 PBs



4 PBs




8 PBs



1st 100IM, 50 Back, 100 Fly, 50 Breast, 50 Free, 100 Back, 50 Fly

2nd 100 Breast

2 PBs




1st 200IM, 400 Free, 200 Back, 200 Breast

2nd 200 Free

3rd 100 Back

9 PBs







Olivia C-K



Phoebe C

2nd 200 Breast

7 PBs



3 PBs




1 PB


Congratulations to Olivia C-K, Alysha, Olivia S, Grace and Imogen for swimming at the WRAC for the first time.


Congratulations to Scout for achieving her first ever

SNZ Short Course qualifying time.



IBA Boys 2022 Wellington Short Course Report - Rachel Holden



9&U 50m Breast: 9th

9&U 50m Free: 9th (.55 PB)



11y 100m IM: 2nd (2.16 PB)

11y 50m Back: 2nd (1.02 PB)

11y 100m Fly: 2nd (.91 PB)

11y 200m IM: 2nd (2.97 PB)

11y 50m Free: 3rd

11y 200m Back: 2nd (0.59 PB)

11y 50m Fly: 2nd (0.15 PB)



9&U 100m IM: 4th (5.95 PB)

9&U 50m Back: 5th

10&U 200m Free: 8th (6.41 PB)

9&U 50m Breast: 2nd (3.99 PB)

9&U 50m Free: 7th (2.39 PB)

9&U 100m Back: 5th (2.35 PB)

9&U 100m Breast: 3rd (4.59 PB)

10&U 200m Breast: 6th (15.35 PB)

9&U 100m Free: 5th



11y 200m Free: 3rd (6.02 PB)

11y 200m IM: 3rd (2.77 PB)

11y 100m Breast: 2nd (2.95 PB)

11y 50m Fly: 4th (1.82 PB)

11y 200m Breast: 1st (7.27 PB)

11y 100m Free: 4th (1.05 PB)


Alex O:

16y 200m Fly: 2nd (3.58 PB)

16y 50m Back: 1st (0.12 PB)

16y 50m Breast: 3rd (2.24 PB)

16y 200m IM: 1st (0.56 PB)

16y 50m Free: 1st (0.36 PB)

16y 100m Back: 2nd (0.34 PB)

16y 200m Back: 2nd

16y 50m Fly: 1st (.44 PB)



14y 100m IM: 9th

14y 50m Back: 8th (.16 PB)

14y 200m Free: 6th (1.06 PB)

14y 50m Breast: 8th (1.44 PB)

14y 50m Free: 12th (.42 PB)

14y 100m Back: 6th (1.84 PB)

14y 100m Breast: 7th (6.99 PB)

14y 200m Back: 5th (5.26 PB)

14y 50m Fly: 12th (2.30 PB)



12y 100m IM: 10th (.52 PB)

12y 50m Back: 4th (3.60 PB)

12y 200m Free: 8th (1.27 PB)

12y 50m Breast: 8th

12y 200m IM: 9th (4.92 PB)

12y 50m Free: 16th (.79 PB)

12y 100m Back: 6th (1.18 PB)

12y 100m Breast: 7th (9.39 PB)



15y 100m IM: 2nd (1.18 PB)

15y 50m Back: 2nd (.27 PB)

15y 200m Free: 2nd (.97 PB)

15y 200m IM: 1st (3.79 PB)

15y 50m Free: 3rd

15y 100m Back: 2nd (.31 PB)

15y 400m IM: 4th (7.07 PB)

15y 200m Back: 1st (1.97 PB)

15y 50m Fly: 1st

15y 400m Free: 5th

15y 100m Free: 3rd (.51 PB)



15y 100m IM: 11th (1.64 PB)

15y 50m Back: 13th (.62 PB)

15y 200m IM: 7th (1.16 PB)

15y 50m Free: 14th (.18 PB)

15y 100m Breast: 7th

15y 50m Fly: 13th

15y 100m Free: 11th


Jack R:

15y 100m IM: 10th (1.98 PB)

15y 50m Back: 7th (.13 PB)

15y 200m Free: 4th (1.79 PB)

15y 200m IM: 4th (3.93 PB)

15y 50m Free: 13th (.51 PB)

15y 100m Back: 4th (1.56 PB)

15y 200m Back: 3rd (1.72 PB)

15y 50m Fly: 9th

15y 100m Free: 7th (.09 PB)


Sam R:

13y 100m IM: 3rd (1.15 PB)

13y 50m Back: 3rd (.98 PB)

13y 200m Free: 3rd (9.80 PB)

13y 200m IM: 3rd (4.84 PB)

13y 50m Free: 4th (.37 PB)

13y 100m Back: 2nd (1.62 PB)

13y 200m Back: 2nd (7.75 PB)

13y 50m Fly: 10th (.91 PB)

13-14y 400m Free: 4th (4.36 PB)

13y 100m Free: 3rd (1.17 PB)



15y 200m Fly: 2nd (3.35 PB)

15y 100m Fly: 3rd (1.89 PB)

15y 50m Breast: 5th (.44 PB)

15y 50m Free: 12th

15y 100m Breast: 6th

15y 50m Fly: 6th

15y 200m Breast: 2nd (.80 PB)


Alex W:

16y 100m IM: 2nd (.25 PB)

16y 200m Fly: 3rd (3.39 PB)

16y 100m Fly: 3rd

16y 50m Breast: 4th

16y 50m Free: 4th

16y 400m IM: 1st (7.95 PB)

16y 100m Breast: 3rd

16y 50m Fly: 3rd

16y 100m Free: 2nd (0.56 PB)


Eric Wong:

13y 100m IM: 2nd (1.34 PB)

13y 50m Back: 4th

13y 50m Breast: 2nd (.95 PB)

13y 200m IM: 2nd (10.23 PB)

13y 50m Free: 2nd

13y 100m Back: 3rd (.44 PB)

13y 400m IM: 6th (27.51 PB)

13y 200m Back: 3rd (10.25 PB)

13y 50m Fly: 4th (.41 PB)

13y 100m Free: 2nd (1.37 PB)


Congratulations to Arahi for swimming at the WRAC for the first time.


Huge congratulations to Alina and Josh who were the 15 year old Age Group winners at the SC Champs.

Josh keeps going from strength to strength and Alina has recently transferred to our club with her brother Eric.

We are excited to have them part of our club.


Well done Alina and Josh.





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