Club to National Meets

  • Effective 1 September 2016 entries to official meets were required to be made online via SNZ MyPage.
  • Each member is required to be registered and financial prior to entering a meet.
  • Enter online via SNZ MyPage.
  • Instructions on 'How to Enter A Meet Online' are here.
  • If you have any problems contact our Race Secretary icebreakeraquaticsracesec@gmail.com or our Treasurer icebreakeraquaticstreasurer@gmail.com


Entries to any meet should be made in consultation with swimmer's coach.


Read conditions attached to each meet carefully, these will be set out on the host club flyer.


Chocolate Fish Night

  • These are fun nights with shorter distance events.
  • Event entries are capped at 3 or 4.  There is no event entry fee.
  • Club members enter online via SNZ MyPage.
  • Friends, family and non members are invited.  Send full name (including middle name), date of birth and events to enter icebreakeraquaticsracesec@gmail.com
  • For each event entered a chocolate fish is given, by the club, to each person.


Club Nights

  • These nights assimulate a carnival in type of events and officials on pool deck.
  • Event entries are capped at 3 or 4.  Member can enter any event.  This is an opportunity to enter new events.  Entry is a gold coin donation.
  • Entries are accepted from club members only. 
  • Enter online via SNZ MyPage.
  • We alternate between the club providing pizza and families bringing a plate to share at the end of the night.


The National Meets

 These are:

  • NZ Junior Festival All Stars - open to qualifying swimmers aged 12 and under
  • NZ Age Groups ("NAGs") - open to qualifying swimmers aged 13 and over
  • Division II competition ("Div 2") - for swimmers aged 12 and over who met qualifying times but have not reached the qualifying criteria for NAGs or Youth Opens
  • NZ Opens - open to all qualifying swimmers
  • NZ Short Course Meet - open to all qualifying swimmers

The above meets place at venues throughout NZ, other than Juniors which takes place simultaneously in 4 venues throughout NZ.