Club Records and Prize-giving Recipients

Congratulations To All The 2019 Prize Giving Recipients


Keen Cup                                     Emma Pryce                      

Jones Family Trophy                      Lewis Ives                          

Dwyer Tech Trophy                        Kase Glintmeyer             

Tozer Cup                                     Connor McKay                 

Ice Breaker Aquatics Cup                Oshieana-Breeze Sanisitou

Feekery Cup                                  Riza Hassan        

McHugh Cup                                  Joshua Carroll                   

Perrett Trophy                               Madison Keightley

O’Donnell Cup                                Cole Phillips

Gledhill Cup                                   Milan Glintmeyer            

Catherwood Cup                             Milan Glintmeyer            

Devonport Cup                               Elisapeta Seumanu         

Chris Arbuthnott Cup                      Alex Willis                           

Piper-Diffey Cup                             Abigail Thompson           

Greenem Cup                                 Alex Odom                        

Gillespie Family Trophy                   Milan Glintmeyer            

Sheehy Cup                                   Alex Odom                        

Clayton Cup                                   Chris Arbuthnott             

Feekery Cup                                   Milan Glintmeyer




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