Wellington Short Course Championships 2022

Wellington Short Course Championships 2022


We had 29 swimmers represent Ice Breaker Aquatics over Matariki weekend at the Wellington Short Course Champs. What an amazing group of swimmers who rose to the challenge and achieved a huge amount of PBs, ribbons and medals.

The competition was fierce with clubs competing from all over New Zealand. Our IBA swimmers ranged in age from 8 years to 16 years old. It was exciting to see so many of our younger swimmers take part in what was for many their first regional event.

It was an impressive achievement to come out THIRD overall in team points - Ice Breaker Aquatics once again proving that we are an awesome club with fantastic swimmers and coaches!


IBA Girls 2022 Wellington Short Course Report - Stacy Carter




1st 100IM, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 200IM, 50 Free, 200 Back, 100 Free

2nd 50 Fly

3rd 400IM

1 PB




1st 200IM, 100 Free

2nd 50 Free

3rd 100IM, 200 Free

5 PBs



1st 200 Free

2nd 100 Free

3rd 200 Breast

6 PBs



1st 200 Fly, 50 Breast

2nd 100 Breast

3 PBs



4 PBs




8 PBs



1st 100IM, 50 Back, 100 Fly, 50 Breast, 50 Free, 100 Back, 50 Fly

2nd 100 Breast

2 PBs




1st 200IM, 400 Free, 200 Back, 200 Breast

2nd 200 Free

3rd 100 Back

9 PBs







Olivia C-K



Phoebe C

2nd 200 Breast

7 PBs



3 PBs




1 PB


Congratulations to Olivia C-K, Alysha, Olivia S, Grace and Imogen for swimming at the WRAC for the first time.


Congratulations to Scout for achieving her first ever

SNZ Short Course qualifying time.



IBA Boys 2022 Wellington Short Course Report - Rachel Holden



9&U 50m Breast: 9th

9&U 50m Free: 9th (.55 PB)



11y 100m IM: 2nd (2.16 PB)

11y 50m Back: 2nd (1.02 PB)

11y 100m Fly: 2nd (.91 PB)

11y 200m IM: 2nd (2.97 PB)

11y 50m Free: 3rd

11y 200m Back: 2nd (0.59 PB)

11y 50m Fly: 2nd (0.15 PB)



9&U 100m IM: 4th (5.95 PB)

9&U 50m Back: 5th

10&U 200m Free: 8th (6.41 PB)

9&U 50m Breast: 2nd (3.99 PB)

9&U 50m Free: 7th (2.39 PB)

9&U 100m Back: 5th (2.35 PB)

9&U 100m Breast: 3rd (4.59 PB)

10&U 200m Breast: 6th (15.35 PB)

9&U 100m Free: 5th



11y 200m Free: 3rd (6.02 PB)

11y 200m IM: 3rd (2.77 PB)

11y 100m Breast: 2nd (2.95 PB)

11y 50m Fly: 4th (1.82 PB)

11y 200m Breast: 1st (7.27 PB)

11y 100m Free: 4th (1.05 PB)


Alex O:

16y 200m Fly: 2nd (3.58 PB)

16y 50m Back: 1st (0.12 PB)

16y 50m Breast: 3rd (2.24 PB)

16y 200m IM: 1st (0.56 PB)

16y 50m Free: 1st (0.36 PB)

16y 100m Back: 2nd (0.34 PB)

16y 200m Back: 2nd

16y 50m Fly: 1st (.44 PB)



14y 100m IM: 9th

14y 50m Back: 8th (.16 PB)

14y 200m Free: 6th (1.06 PB)

14y 50m Breast: 8th (1.44 PB)

14y 50m Free: 12th (.42 PB)

14y 100m Back: 6th (1.84 PB)

14y 100m Breast: 7th (6.99 PB)

14y 200m Back: 5th (5.26 PB)

14y 50m Fly: 12th (2.30 PB)



12y 100m IM: 10th (.52 PB)

12y 50m Back: 4th (3.60 PB)

12y 200m Free: 8th (1.27 PB)

12y 50m Breast: 8th

12y 200m IM: 9th (4.92 PB)

12y 50m Free: 16th (.79 PB)

12y 100m Back: 6th (1.18 PB)

12y 100m Breast: 7th (9.39 PB)



15y 100m IM: 2nd (1.18 PB)

15y 50m Back: 2nd (.27 PB)

15y 200m Free: 2nd (.97 PB)

15y 200m IM: 1st (3.79 PB)

15y 50m Free: 3rd

15y 100m Back: 2nd (.31 PB)

15y 400m IM: 4th (7.07 PB)

15y 200m Back: 1st (1.97 PB)

15y 50m Fly: 1st

15y 400m Free: 5th

15y 100m Free: 3rd (.51 PB)



15y 100m IM: 11th (1.64 PB)

15y 50m Back: 13th (.62 PB)

15y 200m IM: 7th (1.16 PB)

15y 50m Free: 14th (.18 PB)

15y 100m Breast: 7th

15y 50m Fly: 13th

15y 100m Free: 11th


Jack R:

15y 100m IM: 10th (1.98 PB)

15y 50m Back: 7th (.13 PB)

15y 200m Free: 4th (1.79 PB)

15y 200m IM: 4th (3.93 PB)

15y 50m Free: 13th (.51 PB)

15y 100m Back: 4th (1.56 PB)

15y 200m Back: 3rd (1.72 PB)

15y 50m Fly: 9th

15y 100m Free: 7th (.09 PB)


Sam R:

13y 100m IM: 3rd (1.15 PB)

13y 50m Back: 3rd (.98 PB)

13y 200m Free: 3rd (9.80 PB)

13y 200m IM: 3rd (4.84 PB)

13y 50m Free: 4th (.37 PB)

13y 100m Back: 2nd (1.62 PB)

13y 200m Back: 2nd (7.75 PB)

13y 50m Fly: 10th (.91 PB)

13-14y 400m Free: 4th (4.36 PB)

13y 100m Free: 3rd (1.17 PB)



15y 200m Fly: 2nd (3.35 PB)

15y 100m Fly: 3rd (1.89 PB)

15y 50m Breast: 5th (.44 PB)

15y 50m Free: 12th

15y 100m Breast: 6th

15y 50m Fly: 6th

15y 200m Breast: 2nd (.80 PB)


Alex W:

16y 100m IM: 2nd (.25 PB)

16y 200m Fly: 3rd (3.39 PB)

16y 100m Fly: 3rd

16y 50m Breast: 4th

16y 50m Free: 4th

16y 400m IM: 1st (7.95 PB)

16y 100m Breast: 3rd

16y 50m Fly: 3rd

16y 100m Free: 2nd (0.56 PB)


Eric Wong:

13y 100m IM: 2nd (1.34 PB)

13y 50m Back: 4th

13y 50m Breast: 2nd (.95 PB)

13y 200m IM: 2nd (10.23 PB)

13y 50m Free: 2nd

13y 100m Back: 3rd (.44 PB)

13y 400m IM: 6th (27.51 PB)

13y 200m Back: 3rd (10.25 PB)

13y 50m Fly: 4th (.41 PB)

13y 100m Free: 2nd (1.37 PB)


Congratulations to Arahi for swimming at the WRAC for the first time.


Huge congratulations to Alina and Josh who were the 15 year old Age Group winners at the SC Champs.

Josh keeps going from strength to strength and Alina has recently transferred to our club with her brother Eric.

We are excited to have them part of our club.


Well done Alina and Josh.





Kiwi West Carnival 2022

Kiwi West Carnival 2022

This morning ICE had 15 swimmers participate in the Kiwi West Aquatics 12&U Junior Meet which took place at the Makino in Feilding. Congratulations #TEAMICE on your results!


9&U Boys

Brooklyn: 2nd 25m back, 200m free, 3rd 100m free, 100IM; 3 PBs

Deacon: 4th 50m back, 5th 50m free, 6th 25m free, 25m back; 3 PBs

Arahi: 1st 50m fly, 50m back, 2nd 50m breast, 50m free; 4 PBs

Antonio: 2nd 25m breast, 3rd 25m fly, 4th 25m free, 50m breast; 3 PBs

Isaac: 1st 100m breast, 100m free, 200m free, 2nd 100IM, 3rd 50m free; 2 PBs

Harry: 3rd 25m free, 4th 25m back; 3 PBs


10 Boys

Grayson: 1st 25m Back, 2nd 25m Breast, 3rd 25m Free, 100m Free; 4 PBs

Pedro: 2nd 25m Back, 50m free, 4th 25m Free; 3 PBs


9&U Girls

Millie: 5th 50m back, 6th 50m free; 1 PB


10 Girls

Phoebe C: 1st 50m back, 100m breast, 100m free, 2nd 200m free, 4th100IM; 4 PBs

Grace: 2nd 50m free, 3rd 25m fly, 50m back, 4th 100m back, 3 PBs


11 Girls

Alysha: 4th 100m breast; 2 PBs

Ava: 3rd 100m back, 6th 100m breast; 3 PBs


12 Girls

Violet: 1st 50m free, 100m breast, 100m free, 100m fly, 200m free; 5 PBs

Olivia S: 2nd 50m breast, 50m fly, 3rd 100m breast, 4th 100IM, 5th 50m free; 2 PBs


National Age Group Champs


We had 8 swimmers represent Ice Breaker Aquatics at NAGS this year:

Alex W, Alex O, Milan, Anika, Jack, Josh, Kohae and Cole.


Our swimmers performed exceptionally well and as a result our club was 17th overall!


Congratulations to Alex W and Milan for achieving Manawatū Records!


It is fabulous to see our swimmers attend these national meets and represent the club with distinction. It is always exciting to see the Ice Breaker Aquatics shirts on any podium.


A big thanks to coach Emma for giving up her week to coach and guide our swimmers through.





Paul Kent Memorial

Paul Kent Memorial
Well done to our 14 swimmers that raced at the Paul Kent Memorial Meet today in Levin.
We had two relay teams entered:
Ice A: Jack, Agatha, Milan and Sam
Ice B: Max, Olivia S, Kase and Grace
Ice A came 2nd and Ice B came 5th.
Congratulations to all our swimmers that achieved PBs today:
Brooklyn - 3 PBs
Max - 2 PBs
Olivia C-K - 3 PBs
Arahi - 2 PBs
Antonio - 3 PBs
Kase - 2 PBs
Isaac - 2 PBs
Ava - 3 PBs
Jack - 2 PBs
Sam - 3 PBs
Olivia S - 4 PBs
Grace - 2 PBs
Thank you to all our #TEAMICE parents that came and supported the club today - many of whom were time keeping or training.
Thank you to Coach Darryl for supporting our swimmers.

Winter League 2

Winter League 2

We had 19 swimmers taking part in the 2nd Winter League at Freyberg Pool.


Coach's Swimmer of the Meet: Olivia Sherwin (for her massive PB on her 50m fly)

Seed Time: 49.00       Finals Time: 38.55


We had 3 Relays in action today. A fantastic effort with two FIRST places and a THIRD.


Well done to the following swimmers who achieved PBs today:


Max Calder-Kerr - 3PBs

Macy Cameron - 1PB

Jonty Cameron - 1PB

Scout Carter - 2 PBs

Violet Carter - 3PBs

Phoebe Carter - 3PBs

Agatha Doggett - 1PB

Arahi Doggett - 3PBs

Isaac Holden - 2PBs

Ava Oatway - 1PB

Jack Rowe - 1PB

Sam Rowe - 2PBs

Olivia Sherwin - 1PB

Grace Sherwin - 3PBs

Ella Singleton - 2PBs

Imogen Singleton - 2PBs

Phoebe Singleton - 1PB


Foxton Cup

Girls 13 & under 5x50m Freestyle Relay - 1st Place




Mixed 12 & under 200m Freestyle Relay

3rd place




Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay

1st place






Easter Club Night

Our Easter Club night was a huge success!
Our recent Ice Breaker Blue Ribbon Carnival ribbons and age group sash recipients were acknowledged, as well as a formal presentation of our Manawatū Age Group medal winners.
We had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny, much to the delight of our swimmers and parents alike. Our marble hunt was an exciting end to the night and the swimmers excitedly swapped marbles for Easter eggs!
Thank you to Magical Memories Entertainment Group for generously sponsoring our club night with the Easter Bunny!

Manawatu Age Group Medal Presentations

Manawatu Age Groups

Our Manawatu Age Group medal recipients were formally acknowledged at our recent Club Night.



IBA Blue Ribbon Carnival Sash Recipients

Blue Ribbon Carnival Recipients


Overall Age Group Winners


8 & Under: Arahi Doggett

13 -14: Sam Rowe

15 & over: Alex Willis


11 - 12:  Violet Carter

13 - 14:  Anika Moleta



Club Age Group Winners


8 & Under: Deacon Carter

9-10:  Isaac Holden

11-12: Lewis Ives

13-14: Cullen Byrne


8 & Under:  Millie Cruickshank

9-10:  Phoebe Carter

11-12: Olivia Sherwin

13-14: Emma Bendall







Ice Breaker / Inspire Net Blue Ribbon Carnival Winners 2022

Manawatu Long Course

Ice Breaker Aquatics had 7 swimmers swimming the 800/1500 free at the Manawatu Long Course meet this morning: Josh, Anika, Scout, Violet, Lewis, Kase and Alex W.
7 swims and 7 pbs from Team Ice!
A big congratulations to Josh who took out 1st in the Boys Open championship in the 1500m, and Scout who was 2nd in the Girls 1500m championship.
In the 800m we had Alex W 2nd in the boys Open championship.
Great swims from all, especially our 3 11 year olds who were swimming in an open competition

STUFF article - Medal Haul at MAGS

Medal Haul for Manawatu Swimmers - Manawatu Standard Article

Manawatu Age Group Championships

Manawatu Age Group Championship

March 5/6th 2022


Manawatu Age Group Championships were held at Makino pool with 34

Ice Breaker swimmers in attendance.

The meet was swum in 2 separate pods of 100 swimmers and the results are combined

to get our Age Group winners.

Ice Breaker Aquatics won an amazing

68 gold , 37 silver and 17 bronze medals!



Wellington Tier 1 Skins Meet

Wellington Tier 1 Skins Meet


Jack, Duncan and Alex W swam at the Wellington Tier 1 skins meet at the Kilbirnie pool.

This involved swimming a 100m qualifying race and then the top 10 swimmers race skins (back to back 50m elimination races till you get a winner) of that stroke.

All three were in the 15 and over age group and qualified for skins in all their respective strokes with the best result from Alex who got to the final race of the fly skins to finish 3rd.

Congratulations to Duncan on his 100 back pb!


Napier Port Swim 2022

We had 3 Ice Breaker Aquatics swimmers swimming in the Napier Port Open Water swim.


Stunning weather and a well organised event, made for a great swim for our three swimmers.


Isaac H, 9 years, 2nd in the 500m event, 13th overall.


Lewis I, 10 years, 6th in the 1km event, 20th overall.


Emma B, 14 years, 1st in the 500m AND 1km event—CONGRATULATIONS!


Te Kawau Carnival 2022

We had 14 brave swimmers compete at the Te Kawau Carnival on Sunday at the Rongotea pool. Luckily the wind died down but they still had to contend with the rain!


Team Ice had a great run in the relays with our juniors 10 and under winning both the freestyle (Grayson, Phoebe, Lewis, Olivia CK) and the medley (Ava, Phoebe, Lewis, Olivia C-K). The seniors also performed strongly coming in 2nd in the freestyle (Liam, Violet, Olivia S, Scout) and 1st in the medley (Sam, Scout, Violet, Liam).


Congratulations to the following Ice Swimmers on their Pbs and heat placing ribbons!


Cristin B - 3pbs - 2x2nd, 4x3rd

Olivia CK - 8pbs - 4x1st, 2x2nd, 1x3rd

Scout C - 2x2nd

Violet C - 2pbs - 1x1st, 1x2nd, 1x3rd

Phoebe C - 2pbs - 3x2nd

Deacon C - 2pbs - 1x1st, 2x2nd

Lewis I - 2pbs - 1x1st, 1x2nd, 1x3rd

Harry L - 2pbs - 1x3rd

Ava O - 3pbs - 1x1st, 2x2nd

Grayson P - 4pbs - 2x1st, 1x2bd, 1x3rd

Sam S - 4pbs - 3x1st, 1x2nd

Liam S - 3pbs - 2x1st, 2x2nd, 3x3rd

Olivia S - 1pb - 1x1st, 3x2nd, 1x3rd

Grace S - 1x1st, 2x2nd


Swim The Lighthouse - Wellington Open Water

On Sunday January 30th, we had 9 IBA swimmers take part in the Banana Boat Interislander Swim the Lighthouse ocean swim event.

 It was a bit choppy out there, but all our Ice Swimmers did an amazing job with great placings and times in their age groups ... considering the conditions!


Round The Lighthouse - 3.3km

Georgia Packer - F15-19 - 4th (59:13)


Round The Fountain - 1000m

Scout Carter - F10-13 - 1st (16:31)

Violet Carter - F10-13 - 2nd (16:32)

Max Calder-Kerr - M10-13 - 4th (17:22)

Jos Calder - F40-49 - 3rd (20:36)


Round the Fountain - 500m

Isaac Holden - M8-13 - 4th (12:15)

Olivia Calder-Kerr - F8-13 - 3rd (12:20)

Phoebe Carter - F8-13 - 4th (12:35)


Ocean Kids 100m

Deacon Carter - M7 - 2nd (7:01)


13&O Wellington Long Course Champs Jan 2022


It’s been an exciting day of racing here in Wellington with some exellent swims from all our #TeamIce swimmers. The morning session involved heats to find the top 10 in each age group who then raced in finals in the evening.  
The following Club records (provisional) have fallen so far :-
Cole Phillips - B16 - 50 fly and 50 back
Josh Carroll - B15 - 200 free
Alex Willis - B15 - 100 breast
Milan Glintmeyer - G13 50 fly and 50 back
 Also a big congratulations to Milan whose 50 fly and 50 back were also Manawatu age group records and the 50 fly was also a Manawatu Open record! 
On day 1 we gained 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals and were so close with 6 4th places.
Results are finals swims (total pbs) unless stated :-
Sam Rowe – 3 pbs
Kohae Cherrington – 4th 100 breast, 3pbs
Charlie Hook – 5th 100 breast, 3pbs
Josh Carroll – 4th 50 back, 4th 200 free, 3pbs
Duncan Clark – 12th 100 breast (in heat)
Jack Rowe – 6th 50 back, 7th 200 free, 4pbs
Ryan Stott – 10th 100 breast, 6th 400 free, 1pb
Alex Willis – 4th 100 breast, 7th 50 fly, 1pb
Sam Moleta – 6th 100 breast, 8th 200 free, 4th 400 free, 2pbs
Cole Phillips🥇1st 50 back, 4th 100 breast, 🥈2nd 50 fly, 1pb
Scout Carter🥉3rd 100 breast. 🥉3rd 200 free, 3pbs
Agatha Doggett – 1pb
Milan Glintmeyer🥇1st 50 back, 🥇1st 50 fly, 4pbs
Danica Phillips – 6th 50 back. 9th 100 breast, 4pbs
Alahna Singleton – 7th 200 IM, 5th 100 breast, 4pbs
Anika Moleta🥇1st 200 IM, 🥈2nd 100 breast, 4pbs
Georgia Packer – 9th 50 back, 9th 50 fly
Maddie Davey – 10th 200 free (in heat)
Day 2 was an interesting day down in Wellington with the COVID-19 red traffic light restrictions going to affect Day 3 of racing. Some quick rearranging by Swim Wellington saw most Day 3 events swum as an evening session on Day 2, making it a massive day for the swimmers.
More CLUB RECORDS fell in Sessions 3/4:-
Milan - G13 200 back and 100 fly
Alex W - B15 50 Breast
Congratulations Milan with her 200 back and 100 fly also being G13 Manawatu Long Course Records!
Results are from Finals swims unless stated:-
Sam Rowe – 9th 100 free, 5th 200 Back, 10th 100 Breast, 3pbs
Kohae Cherrington – 6th 200IM, 9th 100 Free, 🥉3rd 50 breast, 6pbs
Charlie Hook🥉3rd 200 IM, 6th 200 Back, 7th (in heat) 100 Fly, 5th 100 breast, 4pbs
Josh Carroll🥉3rd 800 free, 5th 100 free, 🥈2nd 200 Back, 4pbs
Duncan Clark – 9th 200 IM, 1pb
Jack Rowe – 5th 200 IM, 🥉3rd 200 back, 3pbs
Ryan Stott – 9th 100 free, 8th 100 fly, 1pb
Alex Willis🥈2nd 200 IM, 🥉3rd 50 Breast, 4th (in heat) 100 Fly, 4pbs
Sam Moleta – 8th 100 Free, 6th 50 breast, 3pbs
Scout Carter – 6th 800 Free, 7th 100 Fly, 6th 400 free, 2pbs
Agatha Doggett – 14th (in heat) 100 free, 14th (in heat) 50 Breast, 2pbs
Milan Glintmeyer🥇1st 200 back, 🥇1st 100 fly
Alahna Singleton – 10th 800 Free, 5th 50 breast, 2pbs
Anika Moleta🥈2nd 50 breast, 7th (in heat) 100 Fly, 4th 400 Free, 2pbs
Georgia Packer – 5th 200 back, 9th (in heat) 100 fly, 1pb
Maddie Davey – 7th 50 Breast
Day 2 evening results to follow…
With most Day 3 events moved to Sunday night to get them in before Covid restrictions hit, the structure of the session was moved to Timed Finals. PBs were very hard to come by with some swimmers having up to 8 swims in one day. The long distance events went ahead on day 3 as the number of swimmers were below 100 - Scout in the 400IM was our sole representative in this session.
Congratulations to Alex W for achieving a Club record in the B15 200 Breast.
Top 10 finishers were as follows :-
Sam Rowe – 5th 100 Back, 1pb
Kohae Cherrington – 10th 50 free, 🥇1st 200 breast, 1pb
Charlie Hook – 5th 200 breast, 2pbs
Josh Carroll – 4th 100 back, 10th 50 free, 1pb
Duncan Clark – 10th 200 breast, 1pb
Jack Rowe – 8th 100 back, 1 pb
Ryan Stott – 7th 200 breast
Alex Willis – 9th 50 free, 🥇1st 200 breast
Sam Moleta – 9th 50 free, 1pb
Scout Carter – 4th 400IM
Anika Moleta🥇1st 200 breast
Georgia Packer – 10th 100 back
Maddie Davey – 9th 100 back
We were very lucky to get the full complement of events in and now we wait to find out what and when our next opportunity to race will be.
We had an amazing group of parent support on this trip with a great cheer squad up in the grandstand.

Gary Hurring Camps

Gary Hurring Camps

January 10-14th January 2022

Our swimming year kicked off with summer swimming sessions for Emma and Darryl’s groups and then the much anticipated Gary Hurring Camps over the week 10th-14th January.

These were well attended and it was fantastic to be able to offer a Junior Camp this year as well.  We were also able to invite  swimmers from other clubs to benefit from the instruction of an Olympic coach. A really rewarding, and exhausting, experience for all attendees!

We hope to be able to bring Gary back throughout the year to work with our swimmers, especially before major swim meets. 


For those that don’t know, Gary Hurring is a former New Zealand swimmer, who won gold at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in the men’s 200m backstroke. He gained silver in the same event at the 1978 World Aquatic Championships. He also represented New Zealand at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.

Gary Hurring was appointed New Zealand swim team coach at the 2012 London Summer Olympics and 2013 World Championships in Barcelona.

Gary Hurring is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading coaches.

We are very fortunate to be able to host Gary Hurring and know our swimmers get so much out of these camps.


Prize Giving 2021

2021 RAGE Award Recipients


R.A.G.E Awards have been announced. 
Congratulations to the following Ice Breaker Aquatics Swimmers who have won an award this year: 
8yo & Under - Imogen Singleton
10 Years- Kase Gintmeyer
12 Years- Milan Glintmeyer
14 Years- Joshua Carroll
15 Years - Alex Odom 
Massive congratulations to you all. These awards are so well deserved. 
RAGE criteria 

NZ Secondary School Champs 2021

NZ DIV II Swimming Championships—9-13th May, 2021


Swimming Championships


A massive congratulations to all our team who competed to the highest level and flew the flag high at the NZ DIV II Champs for Ice Breaker Aquatics. There were many at these champs who didn't know who we were before the start of the week … but they certainly know who we are now! A massive congratulations to Georgia, Josh, Anika, Ryan, Scout, Blake, Kohae, Duncan and Ethan—you certainly have made the club proud!

A huge well done to Emma for your incredible work getting the team to perform at their best. We are so fortunate to have you coaching our super star swimmers.

To Stacy and Wayne who worked tirelessly all week to manage the team—thank you. Without our terrific managers and coaches, we would not have seen such incredible results.


Josh Carroll—17 races, 5 finals, 4 TFs, 16 PBs, 5 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze

Scout Carter—8 races, 3 TFs, 4 PBs

Blake Chase—7 races, 3 finals, 7 PBs

Kohae Cherrington—9 races, 3 finals, 7 PBs, 1 gold

Duncan Clark—9 races, 2 finals, 7 PBs

Ethan Limmer—19 races, 2 finals, 1 TF, 7 PBs, 1 silver

Anika Moleta—7 races, 1 final, 1 TF, 6 PBs, 1 gold

Georgia Packer—7 races, 1 TF, 2 PBs

Ryan Stott—10 races, 1 final, 1 TF, 6 PBs

Josh Carroll's Medal Haul


AON NZ Age Group Championships 2021

AON NZ Age Group

Championships 2021



Cole, Ryan, Alex O, Anika, Abby, Josh and Alex W represented Ice Breaker Aquatics at the AON NZ Age Group Championships, supported by coach Emma.

New Records Set:


  •  100 FLY - 59.22 (15yo Male & Male Open Age LC Club Records (set new records for both in heats & finals))
  •  50 BK - 28.40 (15yo Male & Male Open Age LC Club Records, 15yo Male LC Manawatu Record)
  •  200 FR - 2:05.88 (15yo Male LC Club Record)
  •  50 FLY - 26.91 (15yo Male & Male Open Age LC Club Records - set new records for both in heat and final))



  •  100 BR - 1:13.70 (15yo Male LC Club Record)
  •  200 BR - 2:42.36 (15yo Male LC Club Record)
  •  50 FLY - 27.28 (15yo Male & Male Open Age LC Club Records)
  •  50 FR - 25.36 (15yo Male & Male Open Age LC Club Records)
  •  50 BR - 33.62 (15yo Male LC Club Record)



  •  100 FLY - 1:02.20 (14yo Male LC Club Record)
  •  200 IM - 2:22.68 (14yo Male LC Club Record (set new record in both heat and final))



  •  50 BR - 37.56 (15yo Female LC Club Record)


Harkess Cup Winners 2021

In it’s 26th year, Ice Breaker Aquatics has achieved the Premier Club status in Manawatu after winning the Harkess Cup.


This cup has been held by Kiwi West for the last 33 years.


Kiwi have been the benchmark for our sport for such a long time and to finally win this is both exciting and humbling for the club.


The Cup is won by the club who win the most points at the Manawatu Winters, Manawatu Age Groups and Manawatu Summer Opens.

Harkess Cup

Harkess Cup - Premium Club 2021


Record Broken May 30th 2018

Milan Glintmeyer breaks her first Manawatu record


NZ Junior Festival February 26th 2018

Elisapeta Seumanu's medal haul from the NZ Junior Festival All Stars read more...